Kayak Nature Tours Freeport, Bahamas, offers Eco-Adventures on Grand Bahama Island

Tour #1 (6 Hours)

Safe fun for all ages. Rarely cancelled because of weather.

Tours are all inclusive: Door-to-door transportation in air-conditioned mini-buses; all equipment; lite lunch and refreshments; tours conducted and accompanied by certified guides; waterproof dry bags for cameras and towels.

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Paddling instructions. Paddling time is approx. 90 minutes. Guides provide basic paddling and safety instructions before launching.

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Setting off. It only takes about five minutes to get comfortable with our wide, stable, two-man kayaks.
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Under the mangrove canopy. The creek system is shallow, calm and protected from the strongest winds.
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Lunchtime. Meals and non-alcoholic beverages are served under a large, cool shelter on a dune overlooking Gold Rock beach.

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Gold Rock beach. After lunch, swim or beach comb or...simply relax under the shade of the Casuarinas .
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Guided nature walk. After beach time you can opt for a leisurely paced nature walk that covers about 1,500 yards in 45 minutes.
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Bahamian birds. Throughout the Park you will encounter birds such as this Stripe-headed Tanager that are not seen in the U.S. or Canada.
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Lucayan Caves. The caves are small but represent an important part of our heritage. Our guides provide an interesting narrative about the Lucayans.

For reservations call toll-free 1-866-440-4542 or e-mail us at

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